What happens in Vegas would normally stay in Vegas….But since we had a few not so private moment’s I thought I would share. Mirage Hotel never fails me. From its floral smell being pumped in as the daily oxygen, to the unlimited food choices. “you know I love great food”.I loved every waking min and so excited I was able to visit all of my favorite stores and pick up a few items, I will debut them soon. I was also pleased that my love (Geno) had a wonderful birthday filled with Love, Fun, Food and me! The excitement of seeing him in the Sugar Factory tasting whatever candy his heart desired left me happy! It’s the small things. Tao and its Pink Flamingo Sushi recommended by our phenomenal waiter Josh left us wanting more. Stacks quickly filled that want with a 40 ounce Porter House steak. Yes 40 ounces! Needless to say I am back to work mode and making my weekly goals. Enjoy the rest of your day Fashion Savvy Junkies.